Assistant Director Steve Hernandez Helping Keep Fresno Beautiful

Litter Removal

Our plans include CONTINUOUS litter removal on major freeways in the area – Freeway 99, 41, 180 and 168. We also will have regular litter projects focused on major streets in Fresno such as Shaw, Blackstone, and many more.

Sidewalk and median dirt and gum cleaning

Pressure Washing

We’re tired of the dirt, grime and especially the gum. Look over at a center median while making a left turn. We’re going to make median gum a thing of the past.

Helping the City Tackle Graffiti

Graffiti Removal

The City has a great Graffiti Removal Team but there are still lots of projects that go unnoticed or unresolved. We’re stepping up to help.

Fresno Needs Your Help

We’re doing exactly what our name says… Cleaning Fresno. No more studies. No more complaining. No more pointing fingers. Real action, real community projects, closely working with the City and State. But we cannot do it without the community’s help.

Clean Fresno is raising money from donations and applying for grants. That is the only way we’ll be able to get this done. Real change is what we are doing.

Dumpsters Near Fashion Fair Need Serious Help

Next Steps…

Please Donate Now at cleanfresno.org/donate