About Clean Fresno

Our Approach

Clean Fresno is Fresno’s newest and most innovative IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit charity organization ready to make a tremendous impact in our community. The mission of CleanFresno is to create a fleet of vehicles designed to efficiently clean Fresno’s streets and Freeways, as well as provide support to volunteer organizations and individuals who want to help make their city a cleaner place to live, including disadvantaged Fresno residents that may not have an opportunity elsewhere. CleanFresno will be extremely effective, highly visible, allowing the community to constantly see their community being cleaned up. The City of Fresno being a partner will be a HUGE success story. Kit and Steve, the Directors of CleanFresno both sit on Mayor Lee Brand’s Keep Fresno Beautiful Council and are dedicated to building a better system.

Problems and Solutions

Fire Departments in the “old days” used to line up people and pass down buckets of water to throw on the fires. Maybe, with enough people and enough buckets, it could be done, but we now know that a Fire Truck can be immediately dispatched and a few people with very effective tools can put out the fire. Our design is really that straight forward. Putting the tools, equipment and supplies needed on a truck for volunteers will make a world of difference. It brings everything to them at the site of the project and cuts out unnecessary processes. It has the support team needed to handle everyone that wants to help.

Introducing the CleanFresno VEST Program

CleanFresno is seeking funds and equipment to immediately build and outfit Fresno’s first “VEST” vehicle, which stands for “Volunteer Equipment Supply Trucks”. The VEST program will consist of a fleet of trucks that can immediately and regularly mobilize to support large-scale cleanup efforts around the city, carrying all of the equipment and supplies that a cleanup will need to function, including safety equipment, vests, rakes pickers, bags, hats, water, snacks, first aid, and other necessary equipment for large groups of volunteers. Each vehicle will be set up to support a minimum 100 volunteers.

This will be a substantial step forward in having the infrastructure to support other “ready to work” volunteer organizations from around the city. Currently, organizations are primarily on their own to create clean up systems from the ground up. With the VEST program, organizations will be able to show up to regularly planned and scheduled cleanup events created by the City and CleanFresno, as well as organizing their own events and having an easy, already setup, free resource to utilize without the need for extreme planning or effort.

Meet the Team

We don’t need another study to say there is a problem, we need a solution. The people below are that solution and make up the leadership of the Clean Fresno team.

Kit Hannah Founder. Executive Director.

Kit is an entrepreneur and has had may successful businesses in the Fresno area. For 18 years, he owned Hannah Media, a medium size sound system, stage lighting and video production company. Many may remember him producing most of the events in Clovis Unified from 1997-2008. He also worked on productions and events for California’s Every 15 Minutes program, George W. Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brad Paisley, Ludicrous, Nate Dogg, Lonestar and Zac Brown Band to name a few. Upon retiring from production in 2008, Kit migrated to installing audio, video and surveillance systems for restaurants, commercial properties and residences throughout the valley. Notable projects include installs for Westwoods BBQ, Pismos, Yosemite Ranch, Toledo’s, Press Box, Five Restaurant and many, many more. Now, he wants to do his part to help his Son mason grow up in a cleaner city.

Steve Hernandez Co-Founder. Assistant Director

Mason Hannah

#1 Supporter and Cool Kid

Next Steps…

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